About Data of General Identification (DGI) XBRL Taxonomy

This taxonomy allows Electronic reporting of general data from entities, individuals and general information structures associated as well as general information of interest according to several Spanish official institutions.

The DGI taxonomy has been created by a working group that is composed of the leading Spanish supervisors, disseminators of information, and a number of the major Spanish technology companies, to report general data about the entity that fills in the report and information about the report itself, all of which are not strictly financial concepts. Its broad scope, modularity and bilingual labels, as well as its acknowledgement by XBRL International, allows its use in other European or Latin-American Countries. The DGI taxonomy has been extended by the GAAP 2007 taxonomy. The DGI v2.3.2 taxonomy has the status of acknowledged by XBRL International, and approved by XBRL Spain. More info at: http://www.xbrl.es/informacion/dgi_en.html

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