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GRNET Tech Days: Online presentation on digital-ready policymaking

Published on: 16/01/2024 Last update: 06/02/2024 Event

Learn about digital-ready policymaking from different perspectives! On 1 February from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CET) GRNET is organising a webinar presenting digital-ready policymaking in the European Commission, Denmark and Greece. The collaboration between the Hellenic Parliament and GRNET will be further investigated. 

Important key takeaway messages can be summarized below:

  • Digital-ready policymaking is about mind-set shift and cultural change – these take time.
  • Main enablers of digital-ready policymaking are sponsorship, proven benefits, multidisciplinary team work and timely intervention during policy design.
  • It is essential to build support to those involved in digital-ready policymaking, like trainings, guidance materials and tools, including digital-ready checks.
  • Digital-ready policymaking is to a large degree an exercise in organizational and cultural change.
  • Change will only happen if you get your stakeholders in the ministries on board since the legislative process is firmly established and can’t be changed by a small digital team working in isolation.
  • Important and beneficial to start out with a strong mandate and working on the back of established processes to which you can add value.
  • Start with a light-weight, iterative process that people can get easily accustomed and then gradually increase the level of ambition once people are used to it.



Welcome note | Introduction
Digital-ready policymaking in the European Commission | Zsofia Sziranyi
Leveraging the legislative drafting process as a stepping stone toward digital policy-making | Kristoffer Nilaus Olsen
The parliamentary perspective of better regulation in Greece | Dr. Fotis Fitsilis
Wrap up
Virtual location