IRIS 2021 Conference : International Legal Informatics Symposium

Event date:
Published on: 23/02/2021

The 2021 IRIS Conference : International Legal Informatics Symposium IRIS will focus on cybergovernance. In particular, it will tackle the exchange of information between leading Austrian and international legal informatics specialists on legal-dogmatic and technical issues of law in the knowledge society. Interesting papers will be presented including among others the three-fold legal communication: text, visualization and logic / ontology.

The event will take place from 25 to 27 February and you can register here.  

As part of this conference, ManyLaws will hold two interesting sessions on Thursday 25 February and on Saturday 27 February. In the first session, the team will present the final version of the ManyLaws portal and gather feedback of participants. In the second session, ManyLaws consortium members will highlight and critically explore the opportunities afforded and challenges posed by diverse approaches of cyber governance to the field of legal informatics, and the role of ManyLaws in this context.

We are looking forward to this event and hope to see you there!




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