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Published on: 14/04/2021

Under the ISA2 programme our legal interoperability team set the ambition to foster better legislation for smoother implementation, by promoting digital-ready policymaking on the one hand, and by exploring how technology may support lawmaking on the other. During our journey so far, we learned that while policymakers are eager to embrace digital-ready considerations and technology in policymaking, they need support to make the first steps…

… and what may such support entail? We believe that multidisciplinary teams, new skills and adequate tools are the key ingredients. In this interactive workshop, we invite you to explore with us each of these angles. Be assured, we will not be on our own in this endeavor: our speakers and panelists will help us deep-dive in the advantages and pitfalls of multidisciplinary policymaking and share their view on both the human and technical aspects of multidisciplinary lawmaking. As a bonus, the LEOS (Legislation Editing Open Software) team will be sharing some of the lessons learned from their experience with applying the multidisciplinary principle from the start, in the development of open source interoperable solution.

Join our session to harvest together some lessons learned, which may feed our legal interoperability work under the Digital Europe Programme.

Our speakers:

  • Hamish Fraser, Legislation as Code Researcher, involved in the New Zealand Better Rules
  • Veerle Cumps (European Commission) and Alice Vasilescu (external consultant), from the Leos team

Our panelists:

  • Dr. Fotis Fitsilis, Head of Department for Scientific Documentation and Supervision in the Hellenic Parliament
  • Carlos Torrecilla Salinas, Head of the “Digital Economy” Unit in the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre


The workshop takes place on 21 April from 9:00 to 10:30am CET.

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Link to the event: "Key enablers of digital-ready policymaking: multidisciplinary teams & tools" - Registrations are closed. 


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- Introduction & framing

- Presentations from Hamish and the Leos team

- Panel discussion to dive into various aspects of multidisciplinary team work

- Conclusion