[Past event] Our first BLSI virtual breakfast of the year on (emerging) technologies and innovative practices in regulatory reporting

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Our Legal Interoperability team is excited to invite you to the BLSI virtual breakfast onExisting and upcoming applications of (emerging) technologies in the regulatory reporting process: exploring how innovative practices can reduce the burden on SMEs.

When: Thursday, 27 January 2022, from 9:30 to 10:45 am CET. 

Digital transformation is generating significant changes in the EU regulatory reporting cycle and creating interesting opportunities for its improvement. Emerging technologies and other innovative solutions are used by public administrations – including the European Commission (EC) – to harness the power of data and digital tools to support reporting flows, create better regulatory conditions for businesses, especially SMEs, and, ultimately, improve the entire regulatory reporting process. Nevertheless, the use of emerging technologies is still less prevalent in public administrations and the EC than in the private sector, where the RegTech industry is rapidly growing.

In this context, a study looking at the use of (emerging) technologies and other innovative practices in regulatory reporting, in the EC and Member States, has been conducted with the aim to raise awareness on the potential of such technologies in reducing administrative burden, as well as to share good practices.

The webinar will be an opportunity to delve into how the EC and public administrations can enhance the use of (emerging) technologies and other innovative solutions in regulatory reporting to:

  • Support reporting flows;
  • Create better regulatory conditions;
  • And, ultimately, improve and streamline their regulatory reporting process.

Together we will explore the experiences and views of private and public stakeholders on the challenges and success factors of using and applying (emerging) technologies in regulatory reporting. During the webinar, you will have the chance to:

  • Explore the key findings of the study focusing on the use of (emerging) technologies in regulatory reporting;
  • Hear about the experience and points of view of our invited speaker Emmanuel POIDEVIN, representing the SME, eAttestations, on the use of (emerging) technologies in regulatory reporting;
  • Have your say on the study’s findings and get the opportunity to share your general needs around regulatory reporting!

This webinar stems from a study that explores the insights gathered from four case studies, which highlights the experiences from an EC Directorate-General (DG FISMA), two European agencies (ESMA and EFSA) and national authority (the Portuguese Tax Authority) in using (emerging) technologies and innovative approaches to reduce the administrative burden on businesses. The study provides a set of recommendations for policy, legal, and IT experts working in the field of regulatory reporting to better integrate emerging technologies into their regulatory reporting process.

Streamlining Regulatory Reporting


Agenda items

Welcome to the first virtual breakfast of the BLSI community in 2022

After welcoming you to the webinar, we will present the agenda and the objectives of the session. We will also give you a quick introduction to the Miro interactive tool to help you get familiar with it.


Now that you are familiar with the Miro tool, let’s get to know each other!

  • Who you are and where do you work?
  • How is your work related to regulatory reporting?
  • What is your specific interest in regulatory reporting?

The use of emerging technologies and innovative approaches in regulatory reporting: what did we find out?

After introducing the main objectives of the study and its approach, we will explore together the main findings of the study, as well as the proposed recommendations to best integrate new technologies in regulatory reporting.

What do SMEs have to say about it? eAttestations share their experience

As a SME, eAttestations will present their views and experience on the potential of emerging technologies and innovative approaches in reducing the administrative burden on SMEs in their regulatory reporting process.


Your feedback on the findings and recommendations of the study

By using the Miro interactive tool, we will collect and discuss your feedback on the findings of the study, especially on the set of recommendations that have been provided, and on your general needs in relation to regulatory reporting.

Wrap up & ‘See you soon’

We will conclude this first virtual breakfast of the year.

Please note that the agenda is subject to change (depending on stakeholders' availability). 

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