[Past event] September Virtual Breakfast | Skills for policymaking in a digital world

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Published on: 12/07/2021

September Virtual Breakfast | Skills for policymaking in a digital world

Are you a policymaker, an IT expert, a lawyer, a public service manager or you are involved in public policy in any other way? Do you also agree that formulating effective and efficient policies in the digital age is complex and comes with a number of questions and challenges? 

We (the European Commission LIOP team) believe that skills and training is paramount in order to build capacity to create legislation that will be fit for the digital age, interoperable and smoothly implementable. 

Therefore, we are currently developing our BLSI Learning Hub, including a series of online courses on different topics related to Better Legislation for Smoother Implementation (BLSI). As part of our September BLSI Virtual Breakfast, we will present our idea of a learning hub as part of the Interoperability academy and gather your feedback on the learning needs and material that we have identified. We will also present our newly released very first online course What is "Better legislation for smoother implementation" and why it needs teamwork (the link on the EU academy will be shared before the webinar, once you registered). 

The webinar will also welcome an inspiring presentation from Fotis Fitsilis who will discuss his experience teaching legal interoperability to Greek public servants. (See "Hellenic case report" here for a sneakpeak.)

The purpose of this Virtual Breakfast will be to agree on the learning needs and to explore together on how we can further co-create the BLSI learning path. 

When is it taking place? 

16 September 2021 & Time: from 9:30am to 11:00am CEST

How can I register? 

Register here by 15 September. 

What do I need to do before the webinar?

Before the webinar, visit the BLSI Learning Hub and provide your feedback here.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us


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To be confirmed prior to the event.