Are you (digital) ready for 2021?!

Are you (digital) ready for 2021?!

Published on: 02/02/2021
Last update: 19/02/2021

Dear community members,

The new year comes with a number of exciting things for our community!

The Berlin Declaration on Digital Society and Value-based Digital Government – signed on 8 December 2020 – outlines the importance of digital-ready legislation and sets out ambitious goals for Europe’s digital future. As such, it calls upon the European Commission and other EU institutions to:

  1. “Ensure through the Better Regulation framework that policies and legislative acts proposed by the European Commission are digital-ready and interoperable by default.
  2. Support the exchange with Member States through a community around Better Legislation; and
  3. Pilot and share solutions.”

We – the legal interoperability team – already play an active role within the European Commission in designing guidelines for policymakers to formulate digital-ready policies as part of the Better Regulation Toolbox, which is currently under revision.

Moreover, we strongly believe that together we can make a difference. With your contribution, our BLSI community can become a valued platform for exchanging ideas, good practices and solutions on how to bring policymaking and ‘digital’ closer together. With your active participation, we can shape together what digital-ready policymaking should look like, how technology can boost lawmaking or how regulatory reporting could be streamlined. And even more… we are happy to hear about your needs!

To keep you inspired, in 2021: 

  • We will continue to organise regular virtual breakfast webinars welcoming speakers from around the globe on topics like automation and AI in law-making, ethics challenges of digital-ready policies, multidisciplinary policymaking, innovation fostering legislation, and more.
  • We are planning to share numerous case studies, issue papers, solutions and tools on digital-ready policymaking and Better Legislation for Smoother Implementation.
  • Together with you, we will shape our legal Interoperability training. It will support policymakers, but also officials involved in IT and business design aspects of public policy and services, to identify digital impacts and be aware of the benefits of legal interoperability.

We invite you to stay tuned on our next communications and we look forward to further exchange with you in 2021!

Don’t be shy and do not hesitate to share any ideas and content in comments or in discussions directly on our Joinup space. You can find a video tutorial here.

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Thank you and a very happy new year to all our members!