Check out the European Commission's new corporate digital strategy

Digital-ready policymaking is among the top five priorities of the Next Generation Digital Strategy

Published on: 11/07/2022

On 30 June 2022 the European Commission adopted its new strategy to enhance its own digital transformation: the Next Generation Digital Strategy!

For our community, it is excellent news, that one of its five strategic objectives focuses on enabling digital-ready EU policymaking to lead and to include digital thinking from the early stages of the legislative process. 
To do so, the strategy foresees setting up an advice mechanism for digital-ready policymaking to guide the lead service in charge of a new policy initiative through mandatory digital checks.

Our legal interoperability team, together with like-minded colleagues across the Commission, will be busy in the coming months to design and pilot such an advisory service and create mandatory digital checks. 

But let's stop here: in line with our values to be transparent, inclusive and multidisciplinary, we would love to hear your views too! To start with, for you, how should such digital checks look like? And what kind of checks / questions should they entail? 

Please drop your ideas as a comment (available feature for our members - become one of them easily)! Also, do not hesitate sharing your thoughts about the Next Generation Digital Commission strategy and its specific objective on digital-ready policymaking.

You can read the full strategy here or simply watch this short video about it.