First BLSI course online - towards a co-created learning offer

Launch of our new BLSI online course and takeaways from our September virtual breakfast

Published on: 11/10/2021
Last update: 13/10/2021

academyFollow the new online course “What is BLSI and why it needs teamwork?”


The Legal IOP team is glad to announce the launch of its first and brand new online course “What is BLSI and why it needs teamwork” on the EU Academy platform!

The 30 mins course is available here for everyone. You are welcome to take part in it and to provide your feedback directly on the platform.

As discussed in our September webinar the course is a starting point for a growing ecosystem of learning resources around Better Legislation for Smoother Implementation. All community members are invited to contribute to this joint effort! 



Virtual breakfast logoSummary and key takeaways of the September BLSI virtual breakfast


We (the European Commission LIOP team) believe that skills and training is paramount in order to build capacity to create legislation that will be fit for the digital age, interoperable and smoothly implementable. 

Therefore, we are currently developing our BLSI Learning Hub, including a series of online courses on different topics related to Better Legislation for Smoother Implementation (BLSI). Virtual breakfasts are one of the main forums for this community to discuss and share innovative ideas.

As part of our September BLSI Virtual Breakfast on 16 September, we were honoured to present our idea of a learning hub as part of the Interoperability academy and gather your feedback on the learning needs and material that we have identified.


We were also very glad to host an inspiring presentation from Fotis Fitsilis who shared his experience around teaching legal interoperability to Greek public servants. (See "Hellenic case report" here.)

More specifically, as part of this September virtual breakfast, participants and speakers from the policy, ICT & operational area, exchanged ideas on the learning needs and explored together how we can further co-create the BLSI learning path.

Key takeaways

  • The participants shared their preferences around our learning tree and the learning needs that we have identified to foster better legislation in a digital world. All the identified learning needs were validated and the following needs were particularly popular among the participants:
    • Digital-ready drafting: formulating clear rules & reusing terminologies
    • Understanding and applying interoperability
    • Streamlining existing business processes and designing new ones
    • Understanding new trends in digital government transformation
  •  At the same time, some additional needs were identified:
    • How to create awareness and ownership across the policy areas and how to get other policy areas to understand their role in digitalisation policy
    • Best practices on interoperability across the policy life cycle
    • Research on rules of interpretation of law and its relation with the execution of computer codes – law as code
    • Interoperability training for stakeholders
  • Most of the participants would participate in the training and are willing to use the EU Academy. While the EU Academy team is happy to welcome any training providers who want to host their trainings and courses on the platform!
  • Pr. Fotis Fitsilis shared a best practice from the Greek National School for Public Administration and Local Government. Public servants starting their career in Greek public administrations were invited to follow a course on on legal informatics that was designed and held by Mr. Fitsilis. The training presented relevant legal standards like AKNtoso and ontologies (e.g. ELI and DCAT) and included a demo of the LEOS system. To view the full presentation click here.

The audience agreed that the inclusion of this course and other courses in the Interoperability Academy could bring shared value.


Learning needs treeThe BLSI Learning Hub

The September virtual breakfast gave our LIOP team a lot of food for thought to design our future activities.

As such, we have included some new learning needs in our BLSI Learning Hub as well as new insights from the September webinar!

We welcome you to visit the BLSI Learning Hub and to provide your feedback on the identified learning needs and material. Also, if you are aware of any additional material that should figure on the Hub, do not hesitate to let us know!


Next steps

We look forward to seeing you in our next virtual breakfast sessions!

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