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ENDORSE - The European data conference on reference data and semantics

Published on: 10/11/2020
Last update: 08/03/2021

Between 16-19 March 2021, the Publications Office of the European Union and the ISA2 Programme of the European Commission will be hosting the first ENDORSE conference on reference data and semantics. 

The event will tackle current and future issues in the fields of interoperability and knowledge management, which is highly relevant for our community members. Our team will also present its work on e-procurement! 

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Day 2 of this conference focuses on ‘Law as code’ and interoperability and two interesting sessions will be held on Wednesday 17 March. In the first session 'Knowledge representation and semantically enriched information extraction for interoperable legal technologies (Track 1 – LAW AS CODE)', the team will present among others ELI and ELI-DL standards, legal knowledge representation and reasoning in a Linked Open Data framework, how the ECLI framework helps to improve the accessibility of huge case law databases and how to enable semantic interoperability in legal drafting. 

In the second session, there would be a Panel discussion on 'Semantic interoperability in the legal domain: challenges, benefits and use cases' and in parallel, two workshops will take place: 'How to leverage taxonomies for content findability and usability'  and 'AI and business decisions - The business decision making with AI'.

Visit the conference website here  for more details and to register. 

We are looking forward to this event and hope to see you there!