Design of the Big Data Test Infrastructure

Big Data Test Infrastructure - design

Published on: 19/02/2018

The ISA2 Action 2016.03 – "Big Data for Public Administrations" aims to address the use of Big Data within PAs to support better decision-making. The study "Big Data Test Infrastructure", launched at the beginning of January 2017 under the above-mentioned activities, aims at filling the gap within PAs in the Big Data field, providing the design of a centralised European Big Data Test Infrastructure to be used by any PA and EUI in Europe.

This project has been carried out by KPMG for DIGIT D.1 "Data Services" Unit.

This document illustrates the designed Target architecture (business and technical architecture) and the target governance/operational model of the Big Data Test Infrastructure to be made available by the European Commission to other EC DGs, Member States’ Public Administrations and EU Institutions in order to:

  1. Facilitating the launch of pilot projects on big data, data analytics or text mining, by providing the infrastructure and the software tools needed to start a small project;
  2. Fostering the sharing of various data sources across policy domains and organisations to support better policy-making;
  3. Supporting Public Administrations through the creation of a Big Data community around best practices, methodologies and artefacts (algorithms, analytical models, pilots output, etc.) on big data for policy-making.


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