Published on: 21/06/2010

eMatch.eu aims to become an open knowledgebase for business and innovation matchmaking for both the ICT and digital media supplier sectors and the ICT-intensive sectors like environmental technologies, biotech, eHealth etc. We encourage innovation active companies, institutes and networks and organizations to register their innovation interests and business activities. By using semantic technologies, we will identify projects, technologies and partners that should be relevant for business and projects. In that way, eMatch will support effective collaboration, risk sharing, funding and business expansion.

eMatch.eu is a set of services supporting project and business matchmaking in the ICT and digital media sectors. These services are based on the use of semantic repositories, workshops and business/innovation reports.

eMatch modules

eMatch.eu will consist of an open source based technical framework (Drupal) with modules like a business/organisational registries (eMatch Profiles), project registries (eMatch Project), semantic search services (eMatch Navigator) and collaboration services (eMatch Meeting).

The main objective is to assist SMEs to search, find, select and support the processes creating business opportunities and innovation projects across borders. The services will be made available and support teams of innovation experts and networks in individual processes as well as in workshops. The eMatch services will prioritize some sectors like eHealth, eGovernment, eContent and open source software as niches to create user experience and develop viable functionalities and business models.

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