EU: Europe's Digital Competitiveness Report 2010 - Vol. I

Published on: 17/05/2010
Last update: 14/06/2010

Description (short summary):
The Digital Competitiveness Report analyses recent developments in important policy areas of the European Information Society and provides a significant evidence base for the European Digital Agenda - the European Commission’s policy framework in the digital area and one of Europe 2020’s flagships. Europe 2020, the new economic strategy for Europe, identifies Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as one of the key drivers for the smart, sustainable growth necessary to lead Europe out of the crisis.

This year’s report focuses on significant developments in the area of broadband, use of Internet services and eCommerce, the digital divide, online public services, the economic impact of ICT and the ICT sector. The report benchmarks the relative performance of the EU Member States, where possible compared with other major non-European economies such as the United States of America, Japan and Korea.

Number of pages: 127

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