A standard that is not managed is not a standard

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Published on: 21/07/2015

Thursday 30th July 2015 (12:00 - 12:30 CEST)



Marijke Salters & Marco Aarts


Through their brief webinar Marijke Salters and Marco Aarts will share with the audience how the Netherlands have managed the question of open standards by implementing the BOMOS, the method that describes how to maintain and manage open standards.


Since then, a lot of local profiles on International standards and European profiles are managed and maintained by using BOMOS, which was made more practical in 2012.  Marijke from Logius (Ministry of the Interior) wrote this version together with several colleagues. Nowadays in the Netherlands there is no question on what to do for managing open standards. Marco Aarts implements this method on a to day2day practice and helps to improve it. The speakers will present this webinar with the aim to help you manage and maintain open standards. 


If you are a public procurer, a representative of the ICT industry, or if you are simply interested in the topic of how open standards and open source can be promoted through public procurement, join the conversation with Marijke and Marco, in order to discover one way to promote open standards and open source to avoid lock-in situations.


Marijke Salters works at the Office of the Standardization Forum and she has an extensive  experience with e-government projects.

After the business school, she started with artificial intelligence projects for Dutch government. Over several projects she became more and more convinced that the organization around the project and the continuity of tasks is utmost important. Main reason is that in the last 20 years internet has made the networked society possible. In this society sharing knowledge and information is easier, but also a necessity. To enable growth in the networked society open communication and transparent processes should be used. Not only machine to machine, but also person to person. The community is the term used. Competition is on the reuse and combination of assets, not on the secrecy of one asset. With this idea, she focused on a method for managing and maintaining standards within a community. This method is called BOMOS.


Marco Aarts


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