Public Review of UBL 2.1 unde…

Public Review of UBL 2.1 under way

Published on: 13/10/2010

The OASIS consortium has started the public review of revision 2.1 of the Universal Business Language (UBL), open until 2010-11-24.

The Universal Business Language is designed to provide a universally understood and recognized commercial syntax for legally binding business documents and to operate within a standard business framework such as ISO 15000 (ebXML) to provide a complete, standards-based infrastructure that can extend the benefits of existing EDI systems to businesses of all sizes.

OASIS UBL 2.1 is the first addition to UBL since the approval of UBL 2.0 as an OASIS Standard in 2006. UBL 2.0 built on a basic order/shipment/invoice framework provided earlier in UBL 1.0 with further support for sourcing,
fulfilment, billing, and payment.

Because it preserves backward compatibility with UBL 2.0, UBL 2.1 is technically
a minor release, not a major one. However, it does add 29 new document types in
this first public review draft, bringing the total number of UBL business
documents to 60. With these additions, UBL now supports eTendering;
collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment; vendor managed
inventory; intermodal freight management; and utility billing. UBL 2.1 also
includes support for advanced digital signatures in the form (XAdES) mandated in
Europe together with other enhancements to better support downstream financial

The public review started 25 September 2010, and ends 24 November 2010.
OASIS issues an open invitation to comment and strongly encourages feedback from
potential users, developers and others, whether OASIS members or not, for the
sake of improving the interoperability and quality of the work.


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