RS: Ministry backs localised…

RS: Ministry backs localised GNU/Linux distribution and CMS

Published on: 15/07/2008

The Serbian Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society last month presented Cp6Linux, a GNU/Linux distribution translated into Serbian, based on the GNU/Linux distributions Debian and Ubuntu.

The localisation of the GNU/Linux distribution was carried out by the School of Electrical Engineering of the University of Belgrade. Its name is derived from the Cyrillic writing of 'Serbian Linux', "срб-линукс".

This is the most recent in a series of localisation projects initiated and financed by the ministry. It wants to increase the number of Open Source applications available in the Serbian language. The three editions of Cp6Linux, Home, Enterprise and Education, are available in both Latin and Cyrillic scripts.

The localisation team explained that its work is based on earlier
efforts of Serbian Open Source developers. They hope to work together with these developers on future versions of Cp6Linux and other Open Source applications.

In June, the ministry also presented a localised version of Alfresco, an Open Source content and document management system (CMS). "This provides the ministry with a high-quality system for content and document management that can be maintained and updated with ease", the Serbian developers working on the localisation explained in an emailed statement. "Alfresco can be combined with systems for Enterprise Resource Planning and Geographic Information software. It works well with OpenOffice and supports the Open Document Format (ODF)."

Localisation of Open Source software into Serbian should make it easier for Serbian citizens to use such applications, the developers explained. "We expect to see more and more local administrations and business adopt this type of software."

The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society is planning to use both Cp6Linux and Alfresco.

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