EIC v1.1.0

Latest release
3 years ago

The European Interoperability Cartography (EIC), as defined in the EC Communication COM(2017) 134 Annex 2 on the European Interoperability Framework, is a “repository of interoperability solutions for European public administrations provided by Union institutions and Member States, presented in a common format and complying with specific re-usability and interoperability criteria that can be represented on the EIRA”.

The Decision (EU) 2015/2240 further states that “interoperability solutions and updates shall, where appropriate, be included in the EIC and be made available for re-use by European public administrations”.

The EIC v1.1.0 release includes the following release components:

  • EIC v1.1.0 Cartography: the 'Archi' version of the EIC solutions model and a PDF document containing a short narrative of the ELIS and the link to its repository;
  • EIC v1.1.0 Release Notes: explains the most salient updates regarding the EIC v1.1.0 in relation to the previous EIC releases;
  • ISA Product License v1.3: The license under which the EIC is released.

The EIC v1.1.0 Cartography consists of:

  • 7 EIC Solutions: a sub-set of the TES Cartography solutions, which are highly reusable and interoperable. The EIC v1.1.0 Cartography includes the 7 TES solutions. With respect to the EIC v1.0.0 release, 3 Member States’ solutions (Oskari, gvSIG Desktop, Supervizor) have been removed from the EIC v1.1.0 release.
  • 1 EIC Specification: the ELIS (EIRA Library of Interoperability Specifications), which is a library containing the standards and specifications defining the interoperability aspects of the architectural building blocks (ABBs) contained in the European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA). The European Library of Standards and Specifications is in the EIC v1.1.0 following the EIF[1].


    [1] “Standards and specifications can be mapped to the EIRA and catalogued in the European interoperability cartography (EIC)".