Raising awareness activities

The Catalogue of Service Action regularly organises events and activities to raise awareness about the services that can be provided to Member States.

This translates into the organisation of webinars gathering a large number of members of our working group to discuss and make decisions using a consensus-based approach. 

The Action also organises workshops with a limited number of participants for more technical demonstrations in small groups. This type of event is more informative, where webinars are more conducive to decision making. 

Finally, the Action also promotes its services through the dissemination of specific material such as posters, leaflets on social media in order to raise awareness inside the community but also outside.   

You will find here the list of events organised by the Catalogue of Services Action.

In the spotlight : Webinar on the Catalogue of Services annual roadmap and review of the CPSV AP spec. on the 09th of December 2020

The webinar organised in early December 2020 aimed at communicating about the future activities that the Catalogue of Services Action intends to undertake in the coming months. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the guidelines accompanying the strategy adopted by the Action. 

Afterwards, the different issues related to CPSV-AP that were transcribed on GitHub were presented as well as the solutions proposed to solve them. This was an opportunity for the participants to approve these decisions or to question the proposed solutions. 

Finally, representatives from Poland and Germany presented a demonstration of their use of CPSV-AP in their respective situations. To discover these presentations and to see what was said during this webinar, we invite you to consult the meeting minutes and to discover the video recording by clicking here.

If you would like to attend one of our webinars, don't miss the next one on February 3rd. Two main use cases in which we can support the Member States will be presented to you: ‘Creation of a national catalogue of services’ and ‘Validation services’. These use cases will be showcased through a demo: we will show hands-on how the tools can be used. A FAQ session will conclude the webinar in order to answer your potential questions. 

If you would like to become a member of our community of practice, please send an email to miguel.alvarez-rodriguez@ec.europa.eu or barthelemy.florian@pwc.com to be added to our membership list.