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Stable Common Data Model - v1.00 (CMISA)

Check this robust semantic model on innovation supporting actors !

Published on: 16/07/2020 Last update: 30/07/2020 Document

Common Data Model v1.00

CMISA team is pleased to announce that Common Data Model is now available to be used by the websites to share / publish their datasets on innovation supporting actors in a standard and harmonised way.

The CMISA specification has evolved from its initial realisation during its pilot phase to its current mature state within the scope of the Collaborative Mapping of Innovation Supporting Actors project, incorporating important feedback from the EU participating projects, such as EEN, ECCP, DIH, KETs/ ATIs, etc.

It represents a robust semantic model that promotes Innovation Supporting Actors by facilitating data exchange, sharing and publishing.

The document in 'excel' format represents the core part of the model, and 'word' document compliments it with additional information and example in usage notes. UML diagram is also available for reference.

The controlled vocabularies on Actor, Technology and Sector with the associated properties that are described in Section 4, of the Common Data Model, are available here.

What's next

Produce an example of the model usage in RDF format - August 2020

Publish major release of common data model with all serialisation - by September 2020


Stay Tuned!



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