Follow CMISA presentation in ENDORSE on 18 March!

Follow CMISA presentation in ENDORSE on 18 March!

Published on: 12/03/2021

On 18 March 2021 from 15-15.20 you will have an opportunity to join the presentation on ‘Common Mapping of Innovation supporting actors (CMISA) – How the interoperable mapping helps SMEs innovate?’ by Szabolcs Szekacs (European Commission) at ENDORSE conference.

CMISA is a project funded by European Union’s ISA² Programme, which aims to facilitate  the exchange of data on innovation supporting actors between various European and national websites, allowing the websites that collect mentioned data to easily share and reuse each other’s datasets using common, interoperable tools. This way companies that seek support to innovate will have access to more reliable, less fragmented and more comprehensive information of their interest.

Project Stakeholders, who are currently sharing their datasets, include Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI), Digital Innovation Hubs Catalogue Tool (DIH), European Enterprise Network (EEN) and European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP); While the following stakeholders expressed interest to further explore possibilities for collaboration : CatRIS, KET4Cleanproduction, EPPN, TSSPIM, Innovation radar, Open Innovation Test Beds, Industrial Infrastructures for Research and Innovation, European Structural and Investment Funds, ACTPHAST, EIT KICs innovation hubs, etc.

Should you be interested to join the discussion, you can register here.

This first ENDORSE conference, which takes place on 16-19 March 2021, will be an opportunity to link expertise to tackle current and future issues in the fields of interoperability and knowledge management. Event will bring together a large audience made up of simple users, practitioners, experts, researchers and solution seekers and providers in EU institutions and agencies as well as in national public services and universities.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the Break & solution room to discuss how we can support by providing information on advanced technologies in the area of innovative solutions.

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