EU: Proposal for a Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications (CAMSS)

Published on: 26/06/2008
Last update: 12/05/2010

Description (short summary):
The 'CAMSS', an initiative of the European Commission's IDABC programme and of Member States, aims to initiate, support and coordinate the collaboration between volunteer Member States in defining a “Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications” and to share the assessment study results for the development of eGovernment services. Member States are currently organising the assessment of standards and specifications, e.g. within the context of their National Interoperability Frameworks. The CAMSS aims to improve interoperability through the sharing of expertise and best practices in the use of standards and specifications for software in eGovernment, contributing to the efficiency of European government organisations thanks to the re-use of established assessments. The use of the CAMSS by any EU administration allows for transparency in the choice of eGovernment solutions and standard. The CAMSS can be useful for example as:

  • a guide for assessing and selecting standards and specifications for an eGovernment project,
  • a reference when building an architecture,
  • a reference for explaining choices of standards and specifications in terms of needs and requirements.

The CAMSS has been elaborated by collecting and analysing existing methods in some Member States, developed in the scope of their Interoperability Framework; this CAMSS can therefore be used by other Member States in order to complete their Interoperability Framework with a method for evaluating standards and specifications. 

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