NEW ELIS Release – version 1.0.0 is now available

ELIS 1.0.0

Published on: 12/05/2020

We would like to inform you about the new release of EIRA Library of Interoperability Specifications v1.0.0. This new version is aligned with DCAT-AP as is the mean how it is expressed. Moreover, it is worth to note that ELIS is linked to two new Core Vocabularies developed under the CAMSS scope, the Core Standards and Specifications Vocabulary (CSSV) v1.0.0, and the Core Assessment Vocabulary (CAV) Beta version as it reuses concepts provided by both vocabularies. 

What’s new?

This new release of the ELIS contains the following updates:

  • The new version of ELIS includes the 87% of EIRA ABBs. Which means 93 out of 107.
  • This new version includes a 37% of ABBs which have associated an assessed specification. It means that a total of 35 ABBs has associated an assessed Specification.
  • For the Semantic View, the new release of the ELIS includes the 50% of the ABBs which have an assessed specification associated.
  • For the Technical View, the new release includes 28 ABBs covered by an assessed specification. This represents a 45% of Technical view ABBs.

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