CAMSS Assessment of RDA Publishing Data Services MSP Scenario v.1.0.0

Latest release
2 years ago

Release details

This release consists of the following release components:

  • CAMSS Assessment of RDA Publishing Data Services in Microsoft Excel format, The assessment of the Technical Specification performed by the CAMSS Team.
  • CAMSS Assessment Summary of RDA Publishing Data Services MSP Scenario; Summary of the assessment performed containing the different justifications for the CAMSS criteria per category, the results of the assessments and additional observations.
  • CAMSS Info Package v4.0.0; Document explaining briefly CAMSS action’s context.
  • CAMSS Assessment of RDA Publishing Data Services MSP Scenario Release; An archive containing each of the release components.
  • European Union Public License v1.2; The license under which CAMSS Assessment will be released.
  • CAMSS Assessment of RDA Publishing Data Services MSP Scenario Release Notes; The release notes of this CAMSS Assessment release.