CAMSS Assessment TS Scenario v5.0.0

New release of CAMSS Assessment TS Scenario 5.0.0 is now available

Published on: 03/05/2022
Last update: 04/05/2022

We would like to inform you about the new release of the CAMSS Assessment Technical Specification (TS) Scenario 5.0.0 

TS scenario

What's new?

The CAMSS Assessment Technical Specification (TS) scenario is dedicated to the assesment of formal technical specification, in general terms. According to the regulation on standardisation 1025/2022, a technical specification is a "document that prescribes technical requirements to be fulfilled by a product, process, service or system".  The Technical Specification scenario 5.0.0 becomes now a CAMSS Solution and deprecates de previous CAMSS Tools. 


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