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CAMSS Assessment of UDDI EIF Scenario v.1.0.0

Latest release
2 years ago

About the Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications (CAMSS)

CAMSS is the European guide for assessing and selecting standards and specifications for an eGovernment project, a reference when building an architecture and an enabler for justifying the choice of standards and specifications in terms of interoperability needs and requirements. It is fully aligned with the European Standardisation Regulation 1025/2012.

CAMSS Assessment

CAMSS Assessment is a solution which corresponds to the output of an assessment of a standard, technical specification or standard developing/setting organisation using the CAMSS Tools. Each assessment produced is considered a CAMSS Assessment once it is approved by the CAMSS Team. Any approved assessment is published by the CAMSS Team and publicly available in Joinup.


Assessment of UDDI with the Common assessment method for standards and technical specifications (CAMSS).

The assessment has been performed with the CAMSS Tools v3.0.0 scenario EIF.

Release details

This release consists of the following release components:

  • CAMSS Assessment of UDDI in Microsoft Excel format; The assessment of the Technical Specification performed by the CAMSS Team.
  • CAMSS Assessment of UDDI in OpenDocument Spreadsheet format; The assessment of the Technical Specification performed by the CAMSS Team.
  • CAMSS Assessment Summary of UDDI EIF Scenario v1.0.0; Summary of the assessment performed containing the different justifications for the CAMSS criteria per category, the results of the assessments and additional observations.
  • CAMSS Info Package v4.0.0; Document explaining briefly CAMSS action’s context.
  • CAMSS Assessment of UDDI EIF Scenario Release; An archive containing each of the above mentioned files.
  • European Union Public License v1.2; The license under which CAMSS Assessment will be released.
  • CAMSS Assessment of UDDI EIF Scenario Release Notes; The release notes of this CAMSS Assessment release.