CAMSSaaS 1.4.0

Latest release
2 months ago
  • CAMSSaaS Service Level Agreement (SLA) v1.4.0; CAMSSaaS Service Level Agreement details the characteristics of CAMSSaaS grouped on the different phases of the service lifecycle: service request, service delivery and service acceptance.
  • CAMSSaaS Service Request Form v1.3.0; The document that the Users will have to fulfill in order to request CAMSSaaS.
  • CAMSSaaS Service Request Acceptance Note v1.3.0; The document that Users will receive confirming the acceptance/rejection of their request for assessment.
  • CAMSSaaS Service Delivery Acceptance Note v1.3.0; The document that Users will receive with the inputs of the service and a satisfaction survey.
  • CAMSSaaS v1.4.0 Release Notes; The release notes of this CAMSSaaS release.
  • CAMSSaaS Info package v8.0.0; Document explaining briefly CAMSS action’s context.
  • CAMSSaaS v1.4.0 Release; Include ZIP files of all the components mentioned above.
  • European Union Public License (EUPL) v1.2; The license under which CAMSSaaS will be released.