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New release of the CAMSS ELAP 1.1.0 is now available


Published on: 28/04/2022 Last update: 03/05/2022 News

We would like to inform you about the new version of the European Library of Architectural Principles.  



What's new?

The European Library of Architecture Principles (ELAP) is intended to direct government organizations in initiating changes and implementing IT projects. Particularly when designing new or modified services, it is necessary to make visible how the principles are implemented and which considerations are made in this regard. This new release deprecates the former ELAP 1.0.0 and features the changes mentioned below:

Changes in nomenclature:

  • ‘Domain’ column is renamed to ‘Scope’
  • ‘Principles’ column is renamed to ‘Principle name’
  • ‘Source:’ renamed to ‘About source

Addition of 6 architecture principles:

  • Primacy of principles
  • Reuse, before buy, before build
  • Loosely coupled integration
  • Carbon-dioxide e-footprint impact awareness
  • Care from cradle to grave
  • Security by Design

Two architecture principles removed

  • ‘Reusability’ was removed (redundant)
  • Security was removed (replaced by ‘Security by Design’)

Other changes: 

  • Updated (defunct) references to sources and re-validated descriptions in various places


Do you have any questions?

Please contact us via e-mail

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