European Library of Architecture Principles (ELAP) v1.1.0

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1 month ago

Release details

This release consists of the following release components:

  • ELAP catalogue v1.1.0.rdf; The European Library of Architecture Principles in RDF format.
  • ELAP catalogue v1.1.0.xlsx; The European Library of Architecture Principles in Microsoft Excel format.
  • ELAP Overview v1.1.0; Document for the introduction to the ELAP.
  • CAMSS Info Package v7.0.0; Set of informative documents about CAMSS.
  • ELAP v1.1.0 Release Notes; The release notes of this ELAP release.
  • EUPL License v1.2; The license under which ELAP has been released.
  • ELAP v1.1.0 Release; The archive containing each of the ELAP release components.