eLearning training module

Come and join the CIRCABC online training course "Managing your documents in CIRCABC" and discover all the possibilities and advantages it has to offer! 

This training will help you to become familiar with the management of your documents in CIRCABC, the European Commission's Communication and Information Resource Centre for Administrations, Businesses and Citizens. The eLearning module will allow you to discover the CIRCABC interface and services  through different kind of exercises and simulations.
You will be able to :

  • work on documents in the library of a CIRCABC Interest Group by creating spaces;
  • add or update content;
  • upload or download files;
  • make documents multilingual or launching discussions linked to content.


Additional features and services are explained in detail, such as member notifications, the information section and events.

We invite administrations, businesses and private associations to learn and use the CIRCABC open source software tailored to their own needs.