CIRCABC 3.2.1 – a new version…

CIRCABC 3.2.1 – a new version is available !

Published on: 27/08/2010

CIRCABC (Communication and Information Resource Centre for Administrations, Businesses and Citizens) is a collaborative solution allowing to create collaborative workspaces where communities of users can work together over the web and share information and resources.

CIRCABC 3.2.1 opens a new era for all CIRCA users since it comes up with an impressive set of tools which will allow to migrate the interest groups from CIRCA to CIRCABC.


Overview of the new functionalities:


Customisation of the navigation inside your group:

- your fellow-members access more quickly and easily the actions they use at most

- you can adapt the page size to the number of items to be displayed, speeding the reading-through of your Library

- you can insert your own logo to various locations of your group

- a few other customisation features are waiting for being discovered on your next visit to CIRCABC


Improved user management:

Looking up and inviting people to your interest group is now much easier! An extended range of search-keys such as the username, the first and last name or even the e-mail address are available. The newsgroups service is re-designed and enriched with the possibility to apply moderation:

- active moderation: (authorized members can monitor the posts, accepting or rejecting them according to criteria defined by the interest group administrators)

- passive moderation: the posts are submitted to the acceptation of the Community of users who can signal abuses to the moderators The follow-up of meetings is improved and you can check, with one click, any information about your memberships and personal preferences.

Contact: DIGIT CIRCABC OSS [mail]