CIRCABC web site is not practical for sharing deep links

Published on: 29/07/2017

Actions taken to replicate the bug


As a team leader responsible for ensuring staff and customers are acquainted with the technical documents and tools relating to the submission of TPD notifications.


I would like to be able to send them a link to the place from where, for example, the TPD XML Creator Tool or the TPD Data Dictionary can be downloaded.


  • I login to ECAS, then
  • Visit the CIRCABC web site at, and
  • Navigate to the appropriate download page for, say, the TPD Data Dictionary.
  • I copy the web address of that page
  • I send the link to a staff member telling them that they can download the TPD Data Dictionary from 'this page'.

Expected Result


The user clicks on the link, and  is sent directly to the location where they can download the technical document or tool.


Actual Result

The user clicks on the link, but is not sent to the location where they can download the technical document or tool.


They get confused and, since they are not used to the CIRCABC web site have no idea how to download the document or tool in question.


Instead of a simple web link, we have to provide convoluted instructions such as the following:


You need to be logged in to ECAS in order to be able to access these technical documents.

  1. Create an ECAS account, (if you have not done so already).
  2. Login to ECAS.
  3. Visit the CIRCABC web site at:
  4. Navigate your way to the technical documents:
    • e-cigarettes and refills > Latest versions of technical documents > Latest release (EUCEG 29-03-2017)

From there you should be able to download the data dictionary.


This 'broken link' and convoluted solution goes against the prinicipals of the 'Hyperlink' one of the key features of the World Wide Web and so causes much confusion.


User interface




Tue, 01/08/2017 - 16:45

Dear John,


The behaviour you describe is correct but the link you are copying is not. It is not a CIRCABC bug or wrong management of deep link, but indeed not intuitive. We are working on a new user interface to make the application more intuitive and self-explanatory.


In order to grant your users direct access to a page inside your Interest Group/Library, you should use the ‘Http’ link provided by CIRCABC on the top right of the page you would like to refer to.



Clicking the link will lead you to an URL generator page, where you can define its characteristics.



In your case, it would give the following link: opening directly the space ‘Release EUCEG 29-03-2017’

Or this: to go directly to the file ‘TPD_submission_data_dictionary_tobacco_products 1.1.1.docx’

Or this: to have the download request started


I hope this helped and please don’t hesitate to come back to us for further clarification,


Kind regards.