About CEF Context Broker

CEF Context Broker is an API that can integrate data from multiple systems, creating a holistic view of information.

By providing the layer that describes each type of data, the Context Broker makes it possible to create an interface that makes it easy for anyone to view and interpret big data. Using the Context Broker, organisations can monitor their metrics in real time through live updates. You can share the context information you choose with third parties, enabling process improvements and innovation across the whole data value chain.

Through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), the European Commission offers a range of services tobsupport public and private sector entities that want to implement Context Broker, at no cost;


  • Orion Context Broker and Cygnus are
  • available as reference implementation

Testing services:

  • Developers can use our sandbox
  • environment to test connectivity and conformance

Supporting Services:

  • Our service desk and training
  • packages are available to help your team throughout
  • and beyond implementation

Stakeholder Management Services:

  • Get access to a
  • range of knowledge articles, events, and webinars

Context Broker Developers Community:

  • Connect with other developers and share your knowledge and experience in building applications with Context Brok

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European Commission - DG CONNECT
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Key Interoperability Enabler


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