ximdex 3.4 3.4

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10 years ago

Ximdex 3.4 is out!

Basic libraries refactored, xedit improvements, new visual galleries, etc. More info at  https://github.com/XIMDEX/ximdex/wiki/ximdex-3.4-released 

Download it from https://github.com/XIMDEX/ximdex/tags


Ximdex 3.3 in English, Spanish, German and Portuguese.


  • Xedit, visual editor for XML with semantic capabilities improved.
  • Webkit based browser compatibility (Chrome, safari, opera) improved.
  • Publishing manager faster and with improved controls.
  • HTTPS, social login via oauth, etc.
  • Better Tagging system including automatic tagging using semantic technologies (Ximdex-OWL module (Demo, Final steps of the Ximdex CMS demo)
  • Decoupled publishing added "Content Intrusion Detection" capabilities via Ximdex-Hawk module (demo, xhawk module). It detects if the published content has been tainted to alert and republish.