CyberEDU Call for Papers 2020

Published on: 27/03/2020
Last update: 12/07/2020

Please note that THIS CALL IN NOW CLOSED. Thank you to the team and participants of the 2nd CyberEDU call for papers!


There is an increasing need to better understand the human factor in the cyber ecosystem, however much of the existing research is either entirely technical or it sees humans only as component (often as a risk) of the wider cyber ecosystem. This however is an idea which is increasingly challenged and there is need to produce a more substantial body of research and knowledge that shows to positive and active role of the human factor in cybersecurity.  In particular there is a need for shifting the narrative from the human factor to that of the human actor, with a proactive role in facilitating and supporting cybersecurity with also reference to the role of the end-user. The CyberEDU 2020 Call For Papers invites contributions that can advocate for positive consideration of human actors in the cyber ecosystem and seeks papers that can contribute to this message: the Human Element as the last line of defence in cyber! 

CyberEDU invites contributions in general and specialized topics like cybersecurity training and awareness where security training and awareness are understood as the multitude of frameworks, methods and new ways of educating the human element. We seek a wide range of potential contributions including, but not limited to: case studies, empirical research papers, theory driven contributions and more.

In 2019 the focus of CyberEDU was on the sharing of best practices between the Romanian and Finnish Presidencies of the Council of the EU, awarding best papers with presentations in the CyberShare conference, the Awareness Symposium of APWG EU and a journal publication.

The 2020 CyberEDU will seek to promote the submitted papers in a similar way and invite authors to attend a new project 'The international cyber lab at the Black Sea' in 2021.

Important Dates 

Submission of abstract, one page:

28th of June 2020

Acceptance notification to author(s):

5th of July    2020

Submission of full paper, max five pages:

18th of July  2020

Submission Guidelines

Please submit an abstract of one/1 page pdf with main ideas including author name and affiliation, by 28/06/2020 new deadline instead of 18/05/2020 early deadline through Easychair or by simple email:  daria.catalui [at] protonmail [dot]com with subject CyberEDU Call Submission.

Submissions must be drafted in English and need to comply with the Springer LNCS style guide, which can be found here and here

All submissions will be reviewed by 2 PC members and receive feedback.

Accepted Papers should be ready by 18/07 and as next steps:

1. be promoted through presentations in conferences like CyberShare conference, APWG Awareness Summit, round tables and workshops;

2. be published in a journal similar to 2019 call as IJISC volume;

3. be invited to attend 'The international cyber lab at the Black Sea' in 2021; 

Examples of Topics

AI in cyber training;

Cyber exercises and their learning impact;

New ways to measure usefulness of training;

Innovative technologies in cyber education;

Mind the gap: certifications;

Threat landscape for CyberEDU;

Your approach on building up a cyber awareness programme;

Use of Hands on training;

Best practice in legislation supporting the cyber education field;

Introduction of gamified elements in cyber training;

Cyber education, training and exercises in developing countries;


General Co-chairs 


Dr. IKONOMOU Demosthenes, ENISA

Dr. DE PAOLI Stefano, Abertay University

Program Committee

AALTOLA Kirsi, VTT- Technical research centre of Finland


COCKBURN Louise, Quilter

CHANG Jessica, Robinhood Markets Inc.


FERNANDEZ-CERNUDA DIAZ Alejandro, Global Cyber Alliance

HELBIN Tomek, European Commission

HONAN Brian, BH Consulting

Dr. LORENZ Birgy, Tallinn University of Technology

Dr. MARKATOS Evangelos, University of Crete and FORTH

Dr. MIHAI Ioan-Cosmin, Romanian Association of Information Security Assurance- ARASEC 


PEETERS Veerle, Deloitte consultancy


Dr. THOMA Marios, ESDC- European Security and Defence College

VAHA-SIPILA Antti, creator of 'Elevation of privacy game' F-Secure company

WIERZBICKA Agnieszka, EEAS- European External Action Service

De ZAN Tommaso, Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security, University of Oxford

ZANFIR-FORTUNA Gabriela, Future of Privacy Forum

ZIEGLER Alexander, IBM company

Organizing committee

CATALUI Daria, initiator CyberEDU Call for Papers 





All questions about submissions should go through daria.catalui [at] protonmail [dot] com  ATTN  CyberEDU CALL. 

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