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Innovative technology solutions for Fighting COVID-19: Learnings from the Nordic Region and EU

Published on: 06/05/2020 Event Archived

Innovative technology solutions for Fighting COVID-19:
Learnings from the Nordic Region and EU

organised by The World Bank Digital Development Global Practice

Presented by: The World Bank in partnership with Innovation NorwayBusiness FinlandTrade CouncilEmbassy of Denmark, and FIWARE Foundation (EU).

Fighting Covid

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought the role of the Digital Technologies for health centers to the forefront. From the screening of citizens to track the spread of the pandemic to awareness generation, the SMEs and big vendors in multiple countries are collaborating with health professionals in developing innovative solutions.

Under the Smart Republic initiative, Digital Development Global Practice of the World Bank has facilitated the sharing of learning practices by the government of India during the first webinar in the series. Many of the knowledge partners within the Smart Repulic Initiative had communicated their interest in sharing the information about the solutions deployed in their respective countries as well. Accordingly, the World Bank is organizing this second webinar in partnership with Innovation Norway, Business Finland, Trade Council, Embassy of Denmark, and FIWARE Foundation (EU).

During the webinar, Lanfranco Marasso, Ph.D., Digital Strategist and Director of the Digital Enabler Program, will be presenting the DE4Bios platform, a recent FIWARE Impact Story. Engineering joined the battle against COVID-19 with its ready-to-use FIWARE-based biosurveillance system that helps public administrations and health institutions to have a ‘near’ real-time holistic view of contextualized information coming from different data sources.



The Speakers


  • Mr. Marius Christensen, M.D, CEO Helseapps Telemedic – Platform for Aiding Fight Against Covid-19
  • Mr. Fridtjof Heyerdahl, Epiguard: Innovative Transport Vehicles for the Safe Transport of COVID-19 Patients


  • Mr. Anders Thomsen, CEO, Nordicflexhouse – Mobile Coronavirus Test Unit


  • Ms. Hanna Ekman, CEO, 2N Finland Oy – Remote Population Health Management


  • Mr. Lanfranco Marasso – Digital Platform for COVID-19 Biosurveillance

The webinar will be moderated by Dr. Shashank Ojha, Senior Digital Development Specialist, The World Bank