A European repository of mobile health apps fighting COVID-19

mHealth online repository of solutions fighting COVID-19 provided by the European mHealth-Hub

Published on: 06/05/2020

The European mHealth Innovation and Knowledge Hub is an Horizon 2020 action  to collect and share national experiences on mHealth and to support countries and regions in setting up large-scale mHealth programmes, meaning mobile-Health related applications. 

On the long-term, the Hub must become an independent and self-sufficient entity, which will keep providing support for countries to scale up their own national mHealth services.


Given the global situation the World is facing these days due to COVID-19, many governments, companies and citizens movements have developed mHealth initiatives to keep the population informed and help manage the crisis situation. This is a preliminary, living, non-exhaustive list of some initiatives developed in Europe, compiled with high efforts within a short time frame. Applications are still coming in and are complemented by our own network efforts.