About Digital Skills in the public sector

This collection aims to enhance the collaboration on development of digital skills in the public sector between the European Commission, EU countries, international organisations and any other stakeholders through opening discussion topics and allowing information exchange.

This collection is established to serve as a central place where you can find news and share best practices, initiatives, challenges and needs related to training programmes and educational resources focused on supporting the provision of interoperable digital services.

With this collection, the European Commission aims to make existing eLearning resources on interoperability, produced across Europe and beyond, as well as training on different actions of the ISA² programme, available for civil servants.  Another objective of the collection is to raise awareness and give access to the interoperability solutions already provided by the ISA and ISA² programmes and thus to increase capacity to deliver digital and interoperable public services.eLearning

This collection is also the place where you can share your views and ideas on how to shape the upcoming ‘Interoperability Academy’. This solution will thereby also boost the impact of the ISA² Programme by enhancing the understanding and facilitating the implementation of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF).

The Interoperability Academy will be a key element for developing eGovernment services as it will help deliver easier, quicker and more efficient public services at a lower cost and by reducing administrative burden.

Join us!

Do not hesitate to become a member of the collection and help us building the upcoming Interoperability Academy and learn more about similar initiatives across Europe. Should you have a solution that you want to include in the collection, please propose it by following the steps explained here.

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