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ABR Project Team

CollaborationOpen Source SoftwareStandardisation
Member for 2 years 4 months

Adrian Solitander

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Adrian Stan

Business and competitionCulture and education+13 domains
Member for 2 years 6 months

Aikaterini Tsakmakidou

Member for 3 years 3 months

Alain Fourgon

Business and competition
Member for 2 years 3 months

Alberto Javier Herrera de Lamo

eIdentity and eSignatureOpen Source Software+4 domains
Member for 3 years

Aleksandar KARADIMCE

Science and technology
Member for 2 years 10 months

Alexander Marien

Member for 1 year 10 months

Alexandros Melidis

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Alexandros Sousos

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Alexios Michailidis

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Alice Fortier