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European Public Sector Awards: Call for Applications 2023/2024

EPSA 2023-24: Call for Applications

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Published on: 14/09/2023 Last update: 12/10/2023 News

Does your public sector organisation have innovative solutions to high-priority challenges of the present or the future? 

If so, submit your achievement to the European Public Sector Award (EPSA), the only Europe-wide award for public sector innovation and reform open to public administrations at all levels of government. 

The projects will be assessed based on six criteria, including: how relevant the project is when covering an existing need in the European public sector, how innovative and creative this solution is, how much it interacts with and involves stakeholders, its impact/results improving efficiency and/or effectiveness, how sustainable the solution is beyond an initial period, and the degree to which the lessons learned can be transferred to other projects. 

Under the title “Boosting Innovation Through Learning”, the EPSA 2023-24 edition welcomes the submission of projects in three award categories: 

  • Innovation in Public Administration 

  • Green Transition and Sustainability 

  • Digital Transformation 

By submitting your project, you will have the opportunity to showcase your solutions to current and future challenges and gain the recognition of citizens and public sector partners.  Remember, the closing date/time for applications has been extended until 15th November 2023, 00:00 hours.

Present your achievements to EPSA 2023-24 and join the community of innovators and change agents in Europe. Help others learn from your success! 

Click here to find out everything you need to know to prepare your submission! 


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