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Celebrate UNESCO’s first International Day for Digital Learning

International Day for Digital Learning on 19/03/2024

Published on: 19/03/2024 News

Digital learning has the potential to broaden educational access, enhance learning outcomes and equip learning across all age groups to confront the complex challenges of the twenty-first century. It can also foster inclusion and provide access to education, particularly to those impacted by conflict and emergencies. Furthermore, digital skills and media literacy are increasingly becoming a key component of foundational learning – without which individuals cannot participate effectively and responsibly in social, civic, and economic life. 

At the same time, the digital divide remains a persistent barrier for many learners to benefit from digital technologies and this must be addressed. Digital technologies must be used to support the holistic development of the individual, and shape the inclusive and sustainable development of our societies. The United Nations made digital learning a priority during the 2022 Transforming Education Summit. Recognising the importance of digital learning, UNESCO Member States designated 19 March International Day for Digital Learning and which will be celebrated for the first time in 2024.