IOP Academy Workshop

Interoperability Academy Workshop

Published on: 19/12/2019
Last update: 31/08/2020

Interoperability Academy team was glad to welcome 46 participants, including students, public servants, experts from private & public sector, representatives of similar initiatives and academia to present a new ISA² action Interoperability Academy. The action is currently in the finalisation of the inception phase of setting a foundation for the future Academy. The Academy aims to offer civil servants a catalogue of educational interoperability resources organised according to different learning paths under structured sustainable eLearning courses on a centralised Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform.

During the workshop, the Interoperability Academy team presented the activities undertaken so far, as well as the first results, and opened up key points for feedback and constructive discussion. This workshop was an opportunity to discuss the ideas and vision behind the Academy, and active participation has been of great importance in putting the plans for the future phase on the right track.

Interoperability Academy team would like to invite all interested stakeholders to take part in shaping the Academy focusing on interoperability as an instrument to build more cost-effective, more efficient, and quicker and more advanced public services. All materials discussed during the workshop are available in the Interoperability Academy solution on Joinup. Please feel free to leave your comment and share ideas!

Presentation from the workshop is available here. Detailed report from the workshop will be published at the beginning of January. Stay tuned!


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