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Do you want to develop a course or set up a live event on Interoperability Academy? Look no further!

A set of resources at your disposal to support you with eLearning

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Published on: 19/04/2021 News Archived

The Interoperability (IOP) Academy team is pleased to share with you a complete set of resources aimed at supporting you in the process of developing a self-paced course or setting up a live event in the IOP Academy eLearning platform.


These resources were designed to help future course owners with the use of the platform for conducting educational activities in the field of advanced digital skills.

The resources come in multiple formats and they have been prepared to guide future course owners in every step of the way, without requiring any prior experience or knowledge on eLearning development.

The IOP Academy team highly encourages the use of these resources, as they provide valuable guidance, and will ensure that the activities you design comply with the quality standards set by the eLearning platform.

As there are already multiple materials developed on the topic of interoperability, our goal is to help you repurpose and convert them into valuable educational activities that can reach a broader audience thanks to the IOP Academy platform.


The set of resources include:

1. WebinarMain features & benefits of using the Interoperability Academy platform

2. Fiches for course creation & maintenance for action owners

3. Guidelines for action owners

4. Graphical User Interface (GUI) specifications

5. Checklist for course deployment and testing

6. Template ‘Essential course information’





You can download the resources from the dedicated page on Joinup, where you will also find further information on what each resource contains, as well as a roadmap on how to explore them.

For any additional support, please contact IOP-ACADEMY(at)