United Nations University (UNU-EGOV)

Published on: 20/11/2019
Last update: 13/05/2021

UNU-EGOV, part of the United Nations University (UNU), based inUNU the city of Guimarães, Portugal, is a think tank dedicated to Electronic Governance; a core centre of research, advisory services and training; a bridge between research and public policies; an innovation enhancer; a solid partner within the UN system and its Member States with a particular focus on sustainable development, social inclusion and active citizenship. UNU-EGOV strives to cement its role as an international reference of excellence in this area, bringing together multidisciplinary and multicultural teams around complex problems and emerging challenges.

UNU-EGOV offers training courses designed to equip Government Chief Information Officers (GCIOs), at all levels of Public Administration, with some of the required competencies to fulfil their responsibilities and to enable the development of an internationally-recognised profession.

All courses have a flexible curriculum design which can be adapted to the context, training aims and trainees’ backgrounds of each Administration, Agency or Service. In all cases, however, they include an experimental, interactive component fostering group synergies and active learning strategies.

More information about the trainings you can find here.