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Established in 2015, Connect University - the flagship of the EU Commission’s Directorate General on Communication Networks, Content and Technologies (DG Connect) is dedicated to exploring the Future of Digital and current policy work on all digital fields, preparing the society for the future changes. Its aim is to inform about the latest digital trends and challenges which are highly linked with EU's relevant policies and serve as a platform for sharing knowledge through thematic events. 

The fast progress in technology is reshaping the future of our European society. This high speed of development requires access to reliable information in order to understand how present policy actions will ultimately have a positive impact in the longer run. Connect University is a trademark for debates and policy advice, bringing together EU Institutions and Bodies, industry, academia, researchers to reflect on the upcoming opportunities and challenges. 

To date, CONNECT University has organised over 350 inspirational sessions, 5 summer schools on latest technologies, with more than 100 000 participants and online viewers. 

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