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The Interoperability Academy is an action running under the ISA² programme since 2019 and aims at contributing to advanced digital skills of civil servants in the area of interoperability to support policy, service delivery and impact evaluation.

Over the years, ISA/ISA² programmes have generated a number of solutions including a variety of learning resources (i.e. presentations, videos and webinars). The goal of the Academy is to gather these learning resources together with materials produced by CEF programme in order to create a unique access point to all educational resources related to interoperability.

The vision of the Interoperability Academy is to continue providing online, self-paced courses, accessible 24/7, accompanied with live teaching sessions, both online and face-to-face, such as seasonal schools, workshops, webinars, etc. In this way, the Academy is encouraging the reuse of ISA² solutions and CEF building blocks, as well as supporting the implementation of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF).

The Interoperability Academy is one of the initiatives hosted in the EU Academy'.' eLearning platform, which gathers all learning activities and resources developed EU institutions. As such, all interoperability educational resources can be found there, under the Interoperability Academy branding.

The Interoperability Academy also contributes to expansion of the resources available in the Collection dedicated to Digital Skills in the Public Sector on Joinup. In turn, Joinup supports the dissemination and promotion of all activities related to interoperability solutions aiming to reach ever greater audiences of public servants across Europe and beyond.

Public Administrations could encourage their employees to seek eLearning courses to improve their digital skills knowledge through the platform.

Key achievements of Interoperability Academy until now are:




In 2021, the action will focus on:

  • Finalising IOP Academy curriculum.
  • Setting-up Academic/Event Calendar for 2021 including, live courses, lecture series, seasonal schools.
  • Publishing more eLearning content.
  • Sharing instructions for reuse and creation of learning materials.
  • Publishing the Study on digital skills and competences frameworks for the public sector.
  • Increasing community around advanced digital skills & encouraging exchange.


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European Commission / DG Informatics (DIGIT) - Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens (ISA²)
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