Catalogue of Educational Training Resources


Over the years, ISA/ISA² programmes have generated a number of solutions including a variety of learning resources (i.e. presentations, videos and webinars). The goal of the Academy is to gather these learning resources together with material produced by CEF programme in order to create a unique access point to all educational interoperability resources.

Each material is defined based on the ISA² Categorisation of Educational resources. Please take time to read the definition of each category in order to understand the logic behind the material characteristics. 

Table of Content

1. Key and generic interoperability enablers

2. Semantic Interoperability

3. Access to data / data sharing / open data

4. Geospatial solutions

5. e-Procurement - supporting instruments

6. Decision making and legislation - supporting instruments

7. EU Policies - supporting instruments

8. Supporting instruments for public administrations

9. ISA

10.  Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)