CEF European Blockchain Partnership

The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) is a network of distributed nodes across Europe that will deliver cross-border public services. EBSI is the result of the European Blockchain Partnership. Learn more.

Title: Piloting with EBSI explained how to benefit from Europe's blockchain infrastructure


Material characteristics:

  • Level of specialisation: Basic
  • Interaction: Web learning
  • Learning activities: Webinar
  • Material type: Video
  • Target Audience: All civil sevants
  • Teaching medium: Digital
  • Time of publication: N/A
Description: The “Piloting with EBSI, explained” learning package facilitates and accelerates the implementation of EBSI. It features a set of five, friendly, funny and unmissable video tutorials, a toolkit, and a series of webinars (the registration form is available on the website) designed for EBP members and EBP-endorsed public administrations. The materials will guide you through the piloting journey with a carefully structured framework.
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