Resources for course development, managing and testing


This page contains step-by-step instructions that can help you develop a self-paced course or set-up a live event in the Interoperability (IOP) Academy eLearning platform*

Aiming to support and stimulate all interestedcourses parties to publish their courses on the platform, the academy team has developed the following resources to provide guidance on how to develop, manage and test your courses, including advice on how to create and repurpose learning materials. 

The resources are meant to help action owners as well as any organisation within the European Member States interested in using the platform.  

The use of these resources is encouraged to ensure the high-quality and proper functioning of the courses as well as the platform.

List of elements to be consulted when considering developing a course

  Resource Purpose Link

Webinar: Main features & benefits of using the Interoperability Academy platform

It presents the benefits of using the IOP Academy platform, explains our support offering as well as showing live demonstrations of how to set up live events and create self-paced courses. 

Webinar recording 
(1h 26')


Fiches for course creation & maintenance for action owners

They support course owners in the course creation process, from the conceptual phase until course deployment and maintenance, with summarised and visually appealing instructions.

Fiche 1: How to choose the course format.pdf

Fiche 2: How to develop & repurpose content.pdf

Fiche 3: How to develop & repurpose materials.pdf

Fiche 4: How to manage your course.pdf


Guidelines for action owners

It provides advice and guidance to action owners for adapting their existing material in order to transition them to the IOP Academy platform, with detailed step-by-step guidelines.




Graphical User Interface (GUI) specifications

It supports the design and development process of eLearning courses with technical and functional specification guidelines.



Checklist for course deployment and testing

It provides guidance on how to test your eLearning courses to ensure their high quality and proper functioning.


Checklist for course deployment and testing.pdf


Essential course information template

It provides a list of all the essential information you should gather about your course in order to create the set up the course space.



*The Interoperability Academy is hosted within the EU Academy eLearning platform as a particular track of courses that follow an interoperability-dedicated curriculum. In order to get full access to the Interoperability Academy courses, please contact