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About Data Oriented Services (DORIS)

In its day-to-day work, the Commission is responsible for defining and implementing new policies, drawing up new legislation proposals, while conducting prior impact assessments, etc., in more than 30 different policy areas. In addition, the Commission also defines its internal strategy to grow as an organisation and to run on a daily basis.

As stated by the Communication on "Data, Information and Knowledge management“, the challenges faced by the EU today require fast and effective solutions from the Commission. This results in the need for a modernization of the Commission’s ways of working, and a strong need for strategic use of data, information and knowledge. In this context, DIGIT is prominent in some of the actions indicated in the work program adopted by the Information Management Steering Board (ISMB), the governance body resulting after the adoption of the Communication. In addition, the interim report of the IMSB has established a need to further develop and implement a business intelligence strategy and data analytics capabilities for the Commission during the next two years. 

In this context, DIGIT has been working extensively in providing, among others, knowledge management and collaboration tools and methodologies, in the development of frameworks for data management and data interoperability, and in contributing to the enhancement of the data analytics capabilities of the Commission through execution of pilot projects and studies.

Open Public Consultations offer a means to the European citizens to provide their feedback on European regulation and the working of the Commission. Despite the large amount of opinions, needs and preferences expressed by citizens, governments' decision making processes are so far still not able to fully consume this unstructured and dispersed knowledge in order to extract meaningful knowledge and use it as input to decision making.

The DORIS aims to provide a more accurate analysis and a more tailored visualisation of the results of Open +

 Consultations. The tool was initially developed by DG CNECT and handed over to DIGIT to be provided as a corporate service for the DGs of the Commission.

The generalization of the DORIS tool, developed by DG CNECT, was already performed by DIGIT in order to make it available to Member States' public administrations willing to process stakeholders consultations. Nowadays, DORIS can process results of surveys coming from EUSurvey and Better Regulation Portal. It allows users to analyze data from open and closed questions, and offers a dashboard through which users can visualize the results of the analysis.

After several years of providing services, the strong need for such a data analytics tool has been apparent, and the existing DORIS system has generated expectations between DGs. However, the DORIS system has arrived to a limit in terms of scalability, operability and maintainability, and as a result of that, the redesign and new implementation of the system was required.

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