About DORIS+

DORIS+ is a corporate tool for the DGs of the Commission that aims to provide an accurate analysis and a more tailored visualisation of the results of Open Public Consultations. It can process the results of surveys coming from EUSurvey and Better Regulation Portal. It allows users to analyze data from open and closed questions and offers a dashboard through which users can visualize the results of the analysis.

After several years of providing services, the strong need for such a data analytics tool has been apparent, and the existing DORIS system has generated expectations between DGs. However, the DORIS system has arrived to a limit in terms of scalability, operability and maintainability, and as a result of that, the redesign and new implementation of the system was required.

This solution is the new version of Doris, which is hosted in the cloud (AWS).

AWS offers a wide variety of storage, network and processing services. The Doris+ architecture consists of the following storages and processing services within two different part of  an ETL flow:



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Kanellopoulos Ioannis


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